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What is the result of Mars & Mercury in 12th house?

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When Mars is fixed in the 12th house, you are a person who conceals your true feelings and wants. You have a strong religious nature and are very perceptive. You are compelled and like to inquire into the intensity of your own mind and the minds of others. Your greedy aspirations are often unseen from others and no one really knows what you really need. Sometimes your wants and actions are affected by a force outside yourself. You generally feel a staggering sense of mission, but avoid opening up to others because of your own senseless fears. You may feel restraint and have impotence to express your restless nature superficially. You tend to personalize your adoration and intense feelings, finding them difficult to express. You will feel angry like most people, but it will be severe for you to express it. You often turn your annoyance onto yourself, which can cause health issues. You should try to contemplate every day to help comfort you enclose up energy. You have a strong want to serve others and help those that are injured. You can fight for those that are impaired, abandoned and alone. You enjoy liberate people and like to feel that you are grateful for your kind actions. You can vacillate between ultimate of anger and extreme empathy. Your compassionate nature is enhanced with this placement and sometimes you might indifference yourself for others. You will gain by trying to understand your complicated nature by appropriate writing, journaling, and spiritual chase.

When Mercury is fixed in the 12th house, you are a deep thinker and generally hide your true thoughts. You are a person who finds it hard to express yourself to others. You are introvert and can find it difficult to let others into your life, because of your intimate nature. Your insight and first impact are likely to be definite. You are fatigued with practical learning and enjoy extravagant subjects. You might have supernatural experiences and be capable to read others thoughts. You may have a blaze of insight and you would benefit by writing down your insights. Writing can be a great curative resource for you. You can stroke that your thoughts are profound and you often have complication understanding what you think.

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