Your Monthly Horoscope Predictions for April 2018

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For all Aries natives, April seems to be the mix bag of feelings, reactions and emotions. The month may not start on positive note as there would be lots of ups and down coming way on family and professional fronts.

As Mars and Saturn conjunction do not make favorable cards, you need to highly control your temperament. Need to take extra care on health fronts and ongoing diseases if any. The month is not suitable to change jobs and need to keep tap on heavy expenditures which is foreseen. All the major business decisions need review to avoid any losses.

The April month will be normal routine for all the Taurus natives. Be bold and confident to manage your economic fronts. Stay away from legal matters or obligations as downfall in the reputation is foreseen.

Avoid business partnership for any losses. Change in the job or change of job place is strongly indicated during the middle of month. Travel related to business or family indicated. You will meet new personalities this month.

The month will start on positive note, but you need to control your temperaments. You will be benefitted by your ancestral properties. The month indicates slow start in your endeavors, but you will able to strike a perfect balance between professional and personal life.

Health care needs on family fronts specially related to your father and mother. Expect free hand upper support from your seniors and matrimonial relations sees some strain at the beginning of the month.

Travelling, enjoyments and good time with family members is foreseen for all the cancer natives. You will be rewarded and appreciated on your job related activities. Be very patient and humble in terms of behavior and communication towards others.

Avoid conflicts on business and personal fronts. You need to take care of your life partner in every terms. Avoid any relations with opposite sex which could damage your reputation in the society.

The month will begin on some challenging fronts and you will face some difficulties in acquiring your tasks. You will feel low and any mental depression this time will lead to frustration.

The month is good to start any new venture and success is foreseen on cards. Family life remains normal and you will get full support from your life partner. Avoid any decision in haste which could lead to further complications in future .Luck will favor you and you will get all time support from your near and dear ones

The April month will be great signifier of health, wealth and happiness for you. You will be in win to win situation on your all financial matters. Loved ones can look forward for marriage and married can enjoy bless married life.

You need to take care about your health especially eyes and liver related issues. Expansion in your roles and responsibility is foreseen.

All is not well for Libra natives this month. You need to be very patient, think and then act for all your important decisions. Word of caution should be maintained on all the matters related to finance and profession as loss is foreseen.

Good time to get married for unmarried individuals. Students will get success from their hard work. A favorable period foreseen for any investment in property ventures.

Scorpion natives should control their temperament as present Mars and Saturn conjunction is not highly beneficial for them at least for this month. Sort legal advice before pitching or finalizing any property dealings.

Health and family life needs care and attention as present planetary transitions predicts go slow and calm decisions.

You will receive good news from all walks of life and from your children. If you or your child is participating in any competition, then success will touch your feet.

Unnecessary expenditures should be controlled or avoided as present planetary positions are not favorable for the same. You will be benefited from your ancestral property. Strong signs of relocation  foreseen in case of job change.

The role of Saturn and its placement is important for Capricorn Ascendants and therefore month will be excellent for all the natives as per planetary positions.

Your good communication with others will yield good results in long term. You will be the part of any spiritual gathering . Any investment during this period needs careful consideration to avoid any losses.

The month is good for Aquarians as far any monetary gains are concerned. In case of Jupiter Mada Dasha, there is strong possibility of doing business in partnership.

You will get all support from your family and friends, but need to be careful on professional fronts. Investment in mutual funds and share markets can bear good results in long-term. Avoid unnecessary arguments with anyone.

You will feel respected in all areas of your life. All the hurdles coming between professional and personal fronts will see smooth ride during this month. Travelling to new places is foreseen and but need to be patient on professional fronts as your will taste the success slowly due to work pressure. You will enjoy full support from your life partner. Stay away from the business of barter system as losses are indicated.

Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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