If you want peace of mind, then you have to give up the desires

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  • A Seth had no shortage of money, but his mind was restless, a saint gave him gold currencies in Dakshina and said that there is a way to calm the mind.

To get peace of mind, we must first give up desires. A folk tale prevails in this regard. According to legend, there was a Seth in olden times. He had no shortage of money, everything for rest, but his mind was restless.

Seth wanted his mind to be calm, but he was not finding peace. One day, the saint reached the city. The people of the village were reaching the saint. The saints were suggesting ways to remove all the problems of the people of the village. When Seth came to know about this, he too went to meet the saint.

Seth placed sacks full of gold postures in front of the saint and said that my mind is very restless, please tell me any solution that will give me peace.

The saint asked Seth to take these coins from here, I do not take donations from the poor. Seth was surprised to hear this. He said that Gurudev I am the richest Seth of this region, why are you calling me poor?

The saint replied that if you are rich then why have you come to me? Seth said that Maharaj will get your blessings, then I will become the wealthiest person of all areas from all around and my mind will get peace.

The saint said that Sethji there is no end to your wishes, now you have to become the richest man of the region, then you would like to become the richest Seth of the country, so why do you consider yourself different from the poor? Even after what God has given you, you can never find peace in the greed for money. Until we give up desires, our mind cannot be calm. Therefore, if you want peace, then renounce all desires.

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The lesson of this context is that as long as we have desires for happiness, we will constantly think about increasing wealth, in such a situation the mind will always be restless. If you want peace of mind, then it is necessary to renounce all desires.


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