Is the Surya Mahadasha harmful for a Virgo ascendant?

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Sooner or later, most of us will have experience with the Sun Mahadasha. The Sun’s Mahadasha lasts for 6 years. This is one of Sun’s most important times of administration of Vishomttari continuing for 6 years.

Since the planet Sun is the solar system’s most dominant planet, and thus has control over all the planets.

The Sun Mahadasha is synonymously called Surya Mahadasha, and the Surya Mahadasha has a length of 6 years. The Surya Dasha can be malefic and beneficent.

Beneficial Sun Result:-

  • The planet Sun will bring money, riches, name and prestige, social status, glory, community, education, and king-like living.
  • The native will acquire wealth, respect and honor from the royal people and government during the beneficial Mahadasha of Sun. The indigenous people will have a great mentality and joy.
  • Blessed with son is the native. During Surya Mahadasha the person enjoys all kinds of success.

The result of Surya Mahadasha 

  • Based on ascendant If you were running under the influence of Surya Mahadasha, then the result may be both ascendant-based malevolent and beneficent.
  • The common ascendant yields different results, and is purely dependent on planet Sun’s power and strength.
  • If the planet Sun is put in its own symbol, elevated and in a welcoming sign, it will definitely yield an auspicious outcome. If it is afflicted by malevolent Saturn, Rāhu, Ketu, and Mars it will certainly bring bad results.
  • If the earth weakened in the Libra, Sun’s Mahadasha is likely to get the inauspicious result.
  • Therefore, the astrologer should calculate Sun’s power with all aspects in mind.
  • As I said the different ascendant brings different results, I have assigned the ascendant or Lagna-based auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the planet Sun.

Effect of Surya Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

  • The planet Sun rules over the 12th house or the house of expenses if you belong to the ascendant Virgo. Therefore, it’s not an acceptable planetary time for you.
  • However, if it is placed in Leo’s own sign or exalted in the Aries the Surya Mahadasha can bring beneficial results. It may also bring an auspicious result when the planet Sun is joined by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.
  • The Sun put inauspiciously will bring in lots of unnecessary expenses. It can also make you abundant with unwanted travels. You may be transferred to a location which is against you.


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