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Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi  There are hundreds of theories put forward in Vedic Astrology regarding calculation or birth time rectification which is also known as recording the correct birth time of child at the time of its birth.

The concept is called as birth time rectification where the astrologer tries to investigate or ask you different questions related to birth and tries to figure out the exact birth time as close to a minute accordingly.

Sometimes natives are also asked to fill out the questionaries’ related to their life events, but sometimes not knowing even the year or day of birth would be difficult tasks to arrive at any prediction as compared to the time of birth.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi Coming to the main aspect, how to calculate the right time of birth, so the right time is the moment when the baby cries and takes in the cosmic cry or its first cry. –

As per Vedic Astrology, the birth time of a child should be recorded as soon as the cord is cut as the soul’s journey begins at that time when the child becomes independent from its mother. I am doing research on this but no proper qualitative or quantitative data is available till date. –

 In India, there are many long-established and widespread facts in Vedic Astrology which are commonly used in daily life routine predictions for example particularly in matters concerning marriage career, (when to change job) mahurats (Auspicious time to buy anything) which also makes extensive uses of horary and karmic astrology.

 Another classic example would be Indian politics which is influenced by Vedic Astrology. It is still considered a branch of the Vedanga. In 2001, Indian scientists and politicians debated and critiqued a proposal to use state money to fund research into astrology, resulting in permission for Indian universities to offer courses in Vedic Astrology.

You can already see the combinations of personality types that are possible in this human world. For example, if your Sun is Gemini and Moon in Cancer, your ‘MO’ will be thinking/feeling. You will basically be a thinking/feeling type. There are many such combinations depending upon the various ratios such as Sun/Moon signs, such as thinking/thinking; thinking/feeling; thinking/action; thinking/practical, or feeling/thinking; feeling/feeling, feeling/action, practical/action and so on.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi But more it is important to know the right method of registering a time of birth.

This clearly means that majority of the people are unaware of the correct birth time and their horoscopes are prepared based on the different queries of the Astrologers.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi Besides, it will also depend upon the correct knowledge and analysis of Astrologer who can aspect and implement the correct principles of Vedic Astrology in practical life with accurate predictions.



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