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How can one strengthen Jupiter in a horoscope?

Sir, Jupiter is our largest planet. That’s why all planets are on one side and Jupiter on the other. Law, religion, spirituality, scholar, clever, virtuous, calm nature. It is powerful and auspicious. It represents wealth, Lakshmi, justice, children, son, religion, discretion, intelligence, knowledge, health, spiritual and otherworldly pleasures. Husband must make her happy. Solar system minister. jupiter benefits in astrology

Jupiter is strong in Cancer (50) and weak in Capricorn (50). Sagittarius (10–100) is the original triangle sign. Jupiter’s 16-year Maha Dasha. Guru’s Nakshatras are Punarvasu, Visakha, Purva Bhadrapada. Jupiter causes harm in its horoscope house and profits where it gives vision.

Guru represents knowledge, Lakshmi, fat, education, children, husband, and horoscope. If the Guru is ineffective in the horoscope and taking vision or alliance from malefic planets, it will not give auspicious results even if it has auspicious feelings. Jupiter is weak if these fruits are deficient. The Kundli predicts everything about Jupiter. jupiter benefits in astrology


Worship Brahma for Gurudev.

On Thursday, give Karma Kandi Brahman topaz, saffron, gramme dal, peepal, turmeric, sugar, and yellow flowers.

Guru’s fast. Wear yellow.

Bring a yellow handkerchief.

Thursdays require five-mukhi Rudraksh.


Jupiter in its Mahadasha will give its natural results, those of the place it is in, and those of other places it rules. Other planets can make it sweet or bitter.

Jupiter dasha naturally involves knowledge, study, grossness, obesity, pride, big thinking, heart/emotion, etc.

Aquarius was Libra Ascendant’s fifth Jupiter. The fifth Jupiter of Aquarius leads to a love-son experiment.

Jupiter rules Sahaj (third) and Arishta (sixth) for Libra Ascendant. . Diseases, enemies, bosses, hospitals, foreign countries, sleep, reputation, employment, etc. jupiter benefits in astrology


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