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Jupiter in Sagittarius  If you are afflicted by Jupiter, you are having Jupiter Dasha-Inter-Dasha or Jupiter is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, or have a vision and vision from sinful planets. If Jupiter is weak and giving inauspicious results in any way, then worship the Pitambara Vishnu, perform the ritual of Jupiter fast. If Jupiter is situated in the twelfth house, the native is happy during the life of his father and grandfather and after his death, the person has to face many troubles. Hence, a person must wear gold and turmeric. Jupiter in Sagittarius

In every twelve to thirteen months, Jupiter transits or comes into a new sign or house. Jupiter, as the biggest planet, is the planet that administers growth, plenty, good wealth, and extravagance. It gets Jupiter about twelve years to orbit the sun. Uranus takes nearly eighty-four years to come to a complete circle. This indifferent planet’s transits are life long, and each transit through a particular house takes its time to stretch out. Because many charts are drawn with uneven houses, and because Uranus is again & again retrograde, the dimension of Uranus’ stay in a house differs. After all, on average, Uranus transits a house for almost seven years. Uranus brings change, interruption, and abnormal elements to the areas of a life controlled by the house it transits. Jupiter in Sagittarius

The way Uranus affects our lives depends very much on whether we confront its consequences or try to work with this planet of self-determination, democracy, and sophistication. While Saturn obstructs our mental clock in order to convince us to face reality, Uranus accelerate up our beat in order for us to favour taking risks and making changes. Jupiter in Sagittarius

It’s likely that you move house, but even if you don’t, there could be some interruption to your household every day or abnormal elements on the home front that you need to arrange with now. Your life rushes, and decision-making can be very speedy now. You absolutely feel the need for action, but if you don’t know where you’re en route to, you might take the incorrect turn. Surprising changes in plans or events can test your capacity, and you could feel a little out of control at times, particularly if Uranus is also transiting square to your Ascendant. Jupiter in Sagittarius

The planet of Jupiter is in charge of communication, right? We all communicate with our families and friends; it is usually through communication that we get what we want out of our relationships.

But the question you have is, how can Jupiter communicate with other people if he is in charge of communication? This question has been addressed by Astrologers for many years. But the people who are born under this sign are typically very forward-thinking, and very passionate about what they are doing. The idea of communicating with Jupiter has not been completely dispelled, though, as a great deal of the astrological charts we see do show Jupiter in the eighth house. Jupiter in Sagittarius

If you are born under the Jupiter sign, the position of your head in the birth chart will be very significant. The eight planets are assigned to the eight points in the head, and this is where the best placement of Jupiter is. You are in charge of the head, so you should place Jupiter there as close to the top as possible.

Jupiter wants you to know that you are important and are getting things done. He wants you to feel the love and satisfaction that come from having certain things done for you. When you receive gifts, or when you make something special for someone, the planet Jupiter wants you to feel special and wants to be a part of the event. He wants to hear the appreciation and words of thanks.

However, if you get a ton of work done and nothing seems to be coming out of it, there is probably not an ideal reason for this. Sometimes you are tired and feeling down or underappreciated, and when Jupiter is feeling neglected, he might not be having much luck making sure things get done.

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