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Jupiter Makes a person spiritual. Concentration is a growth factor in power. He makes a person think positively, and makes him optimistic. Such a person is social and generous hearted. Gives respect to elders, gurus, saints. Generates interest in education. Makes efficient speakers. If the Guru is strong then the reasoning power of the person is good and his decisions are proved right. Guru is a factor of Law, Economics, Philosophy and Finance, so it is successful in them. It is helpful in getting the support of high ranking people. Guru is also a child factor, so being strong is helpful in child happiness. For some reason, disaster has arisen and if there is no hope of help and cooperation from anywhere, then a strong master is helpful in protecting you from disaster.
For a person with Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn Ascendant, the native’s zodiac sign falls in the 8th, 6th, and 12th house respectively and when the Guru predominantly forms a relationship with a planet or house, then the subjects he exhibits are harmed. .

No planet can bear fruit alone on its own, to study the effect of any planet, we have to see the entire horoscope, which is the lagna, which is the zodiac, where is the moon, which planet is in sight on the guru, Guru There are fifty factors on which planets have eyes etc. There is no question of a lonely teacher.

Jupiter plays a different person at every stage of our life. Jupiter has different role in life for women and men. In childhood, Jupiter is the factor of great grandfather and father for everyone, for the guru during youth, but for women, Jupiter is the factor of her husband at the time of marriage, and then for both of them their child is the major factor.
If there is a lack of these relationships at any stage of life, then Jupiter is weak in your life. Apart from this, when the condition and transit of Jupiter is bad, then the person gives diseases related to the planet Jupiter – like obesity, bye, diabetes, fatty liver, anemia, etc. Due to bad Jupiter, you will not believe in any guru or religion, it is also a big sign.

The time of the Guru’s Mahadasha is 16 years. The Mahadasha of the Guru gives both effects as well as bad. If the Guru is placed auspiciously in your birth chart, then you can get knowledge, you will accumulate wealth, obey the orders of the elders, you will get the happiness of the grandfather, the elders will be happy, and family. I will continue to increase continuously and on the contrary, if the guru is placed poorly in the horoscope, the effects will be completely reversed.

Have all of you heard the same medicine, ever?
If there was such a mantra or ritual, everyone would be happy. There is no defect in one’s horoscope, or it would not affect it. This is not possible in Kalyuga.
We get the blame from our destiny, which we also have to solve.
Usually people prevent it either by worshiping, or by giving donations. One forgets that without suffering, ‘Karma’ is not possible. Karma is the only thing that can cut the blame, it may seem easy to listen but it is not. That is why people seek a mantra to avoid it for short cuts. You will also be happy to know that you get good results for the pains you cut through your actions. If you do your luck, then how can you be afraid of your actions? The day you get rid of all your faults by your actions, only then you get salvation.
Now you understand the definition of karma – every good or bad behavior of ours is karma. Bad deeds reduce the effect of our good deeds, which is why our horoscope is not free from guilt. The rule of the world is that we have to bear the fruits of all our actions and life is named after the cycle of those actions.

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