Ketu and Saturn in the 1st house 

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In the event the Saturn occupies 1st House, then the native is going to be ahead of a rather prosperous small business empire. It is not traditionally seen as a beneficial planet (it is seen as a malefic planet in astrology). It gives good results in this house. In this house, it gives good results. Retrograde Saturn is set in the 7th residence. Ketu and Saturn in the 1st house

Both the planets are thought to be put in their various inauspicious houses. They can also affect your ability to make money. Both these planets placed together within this house are unable to present their results.

A Consideration of 4th, 7th and 10th houses is necessary to judge the source and sort of gains. It’s also receiving the malefic part of arch-rival Sun. There’s malefic part of Sun on the 7th property. Ketu and Saturn in the 1st house

The sixth house doesn’t have any planet. For example, you may find you have got a Taurus 1st House. It is going to also impact the house in which it occupies and the lord of the home also. The very first house sets the karma for your nature and body and also determines the indicators of all of the other houses. The twelfth house doesn’t have any planet. The seventh house doesn’t have any planet. Ketu and Saturn in the 1st house

You may locate your life calling related to philosophical works that could incorporate anything from truly being a preacher to a social worker. It inspires love and faith between both partners. After you get rid of joy and capacity to act decisively, you become disconnected from the energy of the Sun. Ketu and Saturn in the 1st house

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