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Rohini Nakshatra About Rohini Nakshatra:
Rohini Nakshatra has been called the head of Taurus. The number of stars in this constellation is 5. This constellation of straw carriage appears in the middle of February in the mid-day towards west direction between 6 to 9 o’clock at night. It appears in the south-east of the Kritika nakshatra.

The constellation which comes in the fourth position in the order of constellations is between 10 ° -0′-1 “to 23 ° -20′-0” of Taurus. The sun passes through this constellation in 14 days from 26 May to 8 June of any year. Thus, in each phase of Rohini, the sun lasts for about three and a half days.

Highlights of Rohini Nakshatra:

* The God of Rohini is Brahma,
* The lord of this constellation is Venus,

* Yoga – Good Luck,* Caste-woman,
* Good by nature,
* Rohini’s identity is her huge eyes,
* Varna is a Shudra
* Rohini nakshatra signifies the intermediate region of any place. For this reason, for the events or reasons that are formed in the central part of any place, the happening in Rohini should be seen.

Rohini is the most beautiful, stunning, beautiful wearer among Chandra’s 27 (twenty-seven) wives. As the moon approaches Rohini, its form blossoms more and more. She also hides in unison with Chandra. Rohini is the beautiful wife of Moon.

What is the nature of Rohini: Rohini Jataka is beautiful, good, loving husband, editing, stunning, sensitive, can be won with sensations, is compelling and always progressive. Its areas are the mouth, tongue, soles, neck and neck bone and its components.

* The natives of this nakshatra are thin, selfish, false, social, abusive, strong morale, wise, dignified, virtuous, virtuous, happy, musical art, etc. juices in the fine arts, adorable among the goddesses.

* The native is mentally healthy. Agents, judges, traders of fancy items, get wealth and power from land, farming, state trends, literature etc.

* The woman who was born in the Rohini Nakshatra is beautiful, careful, pious, obedient to the husband, devoted to the parents and full of sons and daughters, serving God.

* Rohini is associated with or related to the auspicious planets, due to the effect of the constellation informed organs, appendages and diseases of the mouth, throat, tongue, neck, neck beads.

If born in Rohini Nakshatra, then personality and future will be like this

Rohini nakshatra

1. The group of stars in the sky circle is called nakshatra. The ancient Acharyas have divided our Akash Mandal into 28 Nakshatra Mandals. Know the fourth constellation Rohini this time in this series of information about constellations.

2. The fourth constellation Rohini of Akash Mandal means ‘Lal’. In English, it is called Aldebaran. It is a group of 5 stars, which appear like sawdust from the earth. This constellation appears in the middle of February in the mid-day towards west direction between 6 to 9 o’clock at night. It appears in the south-east of the Kritika nakshatra.

3. The zodiac lord of Rohini Nakshatra is Venus and the constellation Swami is the moon. There are 4 phases of Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus. Its colour is white, tree berries, deity Prajapati Brahma, varna vaishya, vasya chatushpad, yoni snake, Gana human and pulse end. The sum of this nakshatra – good luck, caste – woman, is auspicious by nature and the planet lord of its destructive state is lunar.

4. People born in this nakshatra are beautiful and attractive eyes. Women and vehicles get happiness. Being born in the Rohini nakshatra, the native is a truthful, holy, beloved speaker, stable intellect, rich, grateful, brilliant, brilliant, sensitive, sensitive, gentle, knowledgeable, modesty, skilled in righteousness, compelling and always progressive. Apart from this, a lover of natural beauty, interest in art, drama and music, participates in public festivals, is a philanthropist, desirous of social prestige and respect. Best time after 36.

5. If Venus and Chandra are in bad condition, then such a person is a weak body, exposing the shortcomings of others, believing in ghosts and trying them.



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