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Mercury in Aquarius in Astrology is considered an important event in astrology. The planet Mercury is considered to be the planet of wisdom. In addition, it represents the areas of dialogue, speech, intelligence, business and writing. The most impact of Mercury planet is in the business.

Mercury in Aquarius can be tricky. There are many times when Mercury will clash with your expectations, often resulting in a blend of hard and soft. Because Mercury is an all-around powerful astrological sign, this hard or soft quality may show up as physical or emotional issues or any issue that has to do with people, relationships, power and money.

If Mercury is one of the planets which rules our emotions, water, air, fire, earth or metal may rule our minds. This combination can result in a very difficult experience. You may be able to handle the volatile heat of water on your face but find yourself unable to express yourself in other areas of your life. It can also be difficult to swallow the cold water of metal because it’s hard to communicate with your unconscious. This is often the reason Mercury rules water in the chart.

Remember that Mercury is a “Mercury in Aquarius” sign, so the sky is also ruled by water and this is a good thing. A mixture of metal and water can create an inescapable gravitational pull. You are not a person who wants to be in a struggle and sinking. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable, or to be desperate for attention.

People born under this sign often have knowledge of aquatic animals. Be careful about trying to communicate with your waterside and you may end up having a very frustrating experience. This can happen to anyone, regardless of where they live or how they express themselves.

Aquarius is the planet of change. Any time Mercury is in Aquarius, be prepared for change. Take the change in stride because the planet of Mercury rules changes. Learn to adapt to changes in your life and you will keep your emotions under control.

Mercury rules fire, air and earth, so it is a very powerful element when it comes to creating conflict and dissatisfaction. The trick is to keep from getting stuck in the conflict, because if you do, you will end up hurting someone or yourself. Do your best to stay away from any fiery behaviours and you will keep the negativity out of your life.

Money is also a perfect example of Mercury in Aquarius. The ability to take on debt and pay it off is something many of us cannot afford to do. There is a tendency to put too much weight on money, and that is a mistake.

People who have a lot of money tend to focus too much on material things and forget to appreciate the things that really matter. The main point is to learn to treat money in a positive way. Remember that money is only a means to an end.

Water also rules the earth and metal. Earth comes from the element of Mercury, so if Mercury rules water, it would be wise to avoid living in a place that is not very far from the ocean. A man who lives in New York who has Mercury in Aquarius could find himself spending an extended period of time swimming with sharks in the south Pacific.

Mercury in Aquarius can be a good thing or a bad thing. It is important to find out what will work for you in your own home. If you choose Mercury in Aquarius in a house that is near the sea, there will probably be fewer people who will talk you into a big fancy vacation. You need to find balance in your life.

Living in a house where the water is right next to the sea is a nice experience. It is hard to keep your temper when you are surrounded by the beautiful serenity of the water. What’s more, if you are an athlete, you will want to practice the sport at a time when the water is calm. If you choose Mercury in Aquarius in a sports-themed home, you may end up taking an uneven amount of care of your body because you are swimming a lot, while the water is in a frenzy.

The water could cause you to start putting salt on your wounds, where the water would rather go for a swim then soak a cut. Mercury in Aquarius will tend to wait for the ocean to go before you attempt a goal.

Mercury will set in the morning on April 19, followed by the rise of Mercury again on May 13.

How does a planet set

The Sun is considered to be the centre of our sky system. When a planet orbits a certain distance from the Sun, it loses its own aura, that is, due to the strong impact of the Sun, due to which the planet is not visible for some time. In astrology, this process is considered to be the setting of the planet. When the planet Mercury is down, its factors start to decrease. In such a situation, the ability to produce the fruit of Mercury weakens for some time. The effect of which starts on the lives of the people. Let us know how the effects of Mercury will be on all zodiac signs.

The appearance of mercury in the 6th house indicates that the opponent will turn out to befriend and boost his helping hand. The circumstance of earning from transport-related business and foreign contacts. He will be settled as an honest person in the society owed to his intelligence. People will spend money on the good purpose open heartily. His mind will be knowledgeable and balanced whatever the circumstances are confronted by him. Silence will likely sharpen his mind to get the flashes of god in his thoughts. In astrological argot, Mercury has been understood as an apparently variable, hesitating, adaptable, neutral and duplicate planet. Mercury reflects the state of mind of an individual, control the reaction to our senses and impacts and control over the central nervous system. As an intellectual planet, it performs intelligence, genius, logical power and reliability. Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is the small planet of the solar system. The native miss to understand anything and meanwhile the secret and mischievous. Mercury turns the cycle of hazard in the revert pitch. Mercury bears the effects of the planet or planets it is connected with. Mercury is considered harmful in the 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 12th houses.Mercury in Aquarius

If Mercury and Rahu both are in their fortunate houses then Mercury causes a disturbance in the native’s houses and produces an unfortunate result like putting the native down the bars or generating problems of the same type. If Mercury is fixed alone in any house the native keeps rushing and wasting time. Mercury becomes idealistic in the 6th house. The native will be a confident person and will receive advantages from land, stationery, and trade. Good or unworthy words from there tongue will never go waste. Mercury in Aquarius


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