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Mercury in Aquarius is very important in all the planetary energies and moves to happen in our cosmos, also the Mercury Retrograde is one which everybody must know about. Understanding how germ works and why this retrograde and direct movement is very important and the way it affects us is a huge help for all of us. Mercury in Aquarius

In very simple terms so as to not bore the non-astrologers, I want to explain why you need to know about it retrograde and guide movement and mark it on your calendar. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, the Mind and Perception when it’s retrograde and direct movement, there could be marked problems in any of these areas. Mercury in Aquarius

Don’t sign any contract during this retrograde. Don’t begin a business or make any big purchases, wait out this period. Oddly enough, we might become unsettled during this quiet period and attempt to start more projects than usual. What’s Mercury Retrograde Good For?

Whilst new jobs are ill-advised, this interval is excellent for ongoing projects already started, for carrying on your normal jobs and using time for research. Mercury in Aquarius

For these carrying a lot of unprocessed psychological baggage, this is when it’ll always come up within your mind to be completely processed. Whilst this may be arduous if you get it done for the entire retrograde and direct movement, it is temporary, and once Mercury turns to guide again, you will once more be making forward momentum.

Interestingly, if you’re starting a brand new project that’s ongoing from something you’ve started or established earlier, there’ll be no marked effect. Anything to do with a continuation of existing energy must be okay. Throwing a party or celebration during this retrograde and direct motion can be a more quiet, subdued affair, and this would apply to a holiday away also. When Is Mercury Retrograde and for How Long? This phenomenon occurs because, relative to our place on Earth, the planet Mercury seems to be going backwards in it is the path. No planet can in fact go backwards, but from our viewpoint, Mercury does indeed move backwards and can even more back into a house it’s just moved through already. Mercury in Aquarius

Each retrograde and direct motion lasts approximately 3 weeks and we’ve roughly 3 of those retrogrades every year. For a few days after and before the retrograde and direct motion, you can feel also the energies either heading into or out from the slowdown. Be cautious on nowadays also for miscommunications or technical problems and patience can be needed. Tip: Bookmark this page so that you can check when also the next retrograde and direct motion will be. Mercury in Aquarius

Who Knows About Retrogrades? You may be surprised to learn that most of the big business, ie big companies and businesses, hire and on a regular basis consult astrologers. Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio represents opportunities for growth and change. While Mercury retrograde in Scorpio generally has a liberating effect, there are times when Mercury’s influence over the mind and body requires careful monitoring. Mercury in Capricorn (Rudra) suggests that one should carefully study an issue and consider all available options before acting.

Mercury in Aquarius (Sagittarius) usually denotes that one has the potential to achieve a goal. As such, people with this sign may be inspired to take risks in their careers. Aquarius is the first sign of the zodiac and it often shows up as a sun sign.

Mercury astrology can offer insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses, but it can also be used as a warning that something needs to change. Mercury in Leo can indicate difficulties with self-esteem, which can be overcome through the appropriate therapy. Mercury in Virgo may indicate the individual may need a more assertive approach to work, although success will usually come when the approach is consistent.

Many people with Mercury in Capricorn are suggested to be able to see the big picture. They may be able to develop and follow a course of action in a manner that others are unable to follow. A Scorpio person is likely to have a strong sense of self and it is suggested that they are able to listen to others and communicate clearly.

If one’s relationship is to flourish, the two partners must make an effort to learn how to agree on what is important to each one. Mercury in Sagittarius suggests that one must create a relationship that encourages harmony. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, it is suggested that the couple is optimistic about the future and realistic about their problems. Mercury in Gemini may indicate that the relationship is centred on the past.

On the other hand, Mercury in Aquarius suggests that the couple should consider all available options before making any decisions. This may mean that the relationships of Aquarius couples are not so much based on love but rather the desire to have a feeling that they are right. With Mercury in Taurus, people with this sign need to be careful in their speaking and careful in their actions.

This astrological sign can have a very specific time frame. It can be difficult to stay focused on current events while being aware of the wider trends in the world. Mercury in Pisces suggests that people with this sign may need to be even more disciplined and self-disciplined.

If someone with Mercury in Pisces is invited to a formal gathering, it can be a good idea to get their finances together ahead of time. It can be difficult to stay focused on the finer details of a trip, but by doing so, one can avoid any pitfalls that may arise.

In the case of the Cancer sign, Mercury may indicate that a person is content to let things happen as they come. One’s life is generally fairly predictable, and one may not be too concerned about too many things happening at once. Since Mercury in Aquarius suggests that one needs to be careful about spending too much money, this sign can sometimes indicate that one is a little over-spent.

Mercury in Gemini suggests that the person is artistic and creative, but it may also indicate that they are not self-critical in their attitude towards themselves. In terms of Astrology charts, Mercury in Gemini suggests that the person is comfortable with the compliments of others, but they are less comfortable accepting compliments from those who are unqualified.

Mercury in Virgo is considered to be positive and will be receptive to suggestions of a romantic nature, but there will be no overt display of love. If Mercury in Virgo comes during the wedding ceremony, the couple may find it difficult to discuss matters of faith.

The astrological influences of Mercury are subtle ways to help a person deal with issues in their lives. He is the first planet in the solar sign, the second in Capricorn and the third in Presence. and one’s life may be influenced by the sign to which Mercury belongs.




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