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mercury retrograde 2020 – Astrology Predictions in Reverse Order? Is this a forewarning of doom and gloom? Did you think Mercury will stop travelling backwards through the planetary spheres and that there is no hope in futurity? Well, maybe not.

Planets go around the Sun in a solar year. The shortest time period for Mercury to reverse direction is from October to March.

Mercury has been in a fully retrograde period for over now. So, it’s not unheard of. But the timeline is troubling.  mercury retrograde 2020

Mercury Retrograde 2020 – Astrology Predictions In Reverse Order – This is a problem for astrologers and astrology forecasts. Many people just stop reading in these situations.

Mercury will stop travelling backwards through the solar system and it’s another sign of the times that we are living in. Just remember to look at your horoscope with great suspicion and caution. It can be very inaccurate and too abstract for some people.

You can’t believe everything you read in the horoscopes. Often they are out of date. No one can know all the complex secret issues of the future, but they can give you clues about what could happen now.  mercury retrograde 2020

Some say Mercury Retrograde 2020 will bring a lot of global conflict to the surface. That is one issue worth watching for.

Mercury retrograde can be very frustrating for those who are unlucky enough to pass through the phase, but the good news is that it can also be fun. Mercury retrograde is an unusual but interesting time for astrology enthusiasts. So when will Mercury retrograde affect you?

When does Mercury retrograde affect you? This period of time is actually when the planet retrogrades. It is a sign that the planet is going to enter a new cycle of activity, which lasts approximately six years. The planets Mercury and Venus are usually in the early phase of their period at this time. This is why Mercury retrograde is often referred to as a ‘milestone’ in astrology since it marks the transition from a primary to a second cycle.  mercury retrograde 2020

When is Mercury retrograde? It is possible to determine if your astrological planet is in retrograde by considering what happens during this time in the past. Mercury retrograde occurs when your zodiac signs reach the highest point in their cycle; or when they fall into a low point in their cycle.  mercury retrograde 2020

You should pay attention to when Mercury retrograde is happening in your astrological chart. For example, if you have a Natal chart then Mercury retrograde is going to happen at some point during the month. If you have a House chart then Mercury retrograde is going to happen at some point during the houses of your birth, and at some point during a month from each house. The reason this information is important is that astrology charts are designed to help you make predictions about your future. mercury retrograde 2020

When is Mercury retrograde not too far off? The reason Mercury retrograde is not too far off is that it marks a moment where the planets are in their best phase. This makes it easier to determine when Mercury retrograde is occurring in the future.

How can you make sure you don’t pass through the phases of Mercury retrograde? Just because Mercury retrograde doesn’t mean that it is always like this. The reason this is important is that if you are lucky enough to have Mercury retrograde occur near the end of, this can be a very stressful time. mercury retrograde 2020

During the Mercury retrograde period, everything seems to slow down, even when it comes to your day-to-day activities. Everything seems to slow down, like when you’re trying to start a project on the weekend and you’re just too busy to pay attention to it. Everything is too busy. It takes the pressure off to really make progress with your projects, which can make them more difficult to finish.

Also, during the Mercury retrograde period, there is a lot of uncertainty and stress. For example, if you’re working on a project and you begin to realize that you might need to take a week off due to illness, you’re probably going to be running around too much and getting in too much trouble. Mercury retrograde periods can be an extremely stressful time. mercury retrograde 2020

There are some very significant Mercury retrograde periods that this year and next year as well. In this article, I am going to share with you my top ten “This is How Each Mercury Retrograde in 2020 Will Affect You Worldwide!” – Please read on!

To start off I want to say that X is for “You” and XX is for “Your Life”. How each of these Mercury Retrograde periods will affect you depends on your life and your mindset.

For instance – If you are an explorer, if you are a lover of Nature, if you have deep-rooted values then X will be good for you. It will help you see the bigger picture. This will help you better cope with the craziness of an eclipse. This will help you realize that not everything that happens is bad and the unknown can bring you joy and fulfilment. mercury retrograde 2020

If you are an optimist – this will help you embrace the past and the possible future. This will help you see the good in everyday situations. If you do not believe in the power of each other in this world then X will be bad for you. Your optimism will be short-lived!

Your goals may be high, but if you have no faith in yourself, in God, in “The Universe” then you will not have anything. If you are not humble enough to consider the things that are happening around you then you will be deceived by the false prophets. mercury retrograde 2020

The day is for “You” if you are a happy person who loves people who love you. But if you are selfish and it is a problem – the yyy will help you. If you are addicted to fame, money, drugs or alcohol then you will be in trouble. If you are looking for material things that you cannot find on earth, this will not work either.

The day is for you if you have integrity and think for yourself. If you have a trusting spirit then this is good for you. However, if you are afraid to question authority and to question your spouse or significant other then the way will be bad for you. It will help you get to the truth but it will not make you a believer. mercury retrograde 2020

The zzz is for “Power” and this is for people who believe they can control and be in total control. If you are a believer and you only trust others and you are not critical enough then this will be very bad for you. Your beliefs are for others to come up with and your scepticism is on them! mercury retrograde 2020

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