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Let us study the impact of Mercury (Buddha), the planet of Communication in 12 Different Houses as per Vedic Astrology    Mercury retrograde

House Number as per Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Impact /Effects as per Mercury position in Horoscope
1 If Mercury blessed in this house, then native will be good speaker, intelligent and debate winner. Mercury in Lagna is the auspicious placement and bestows natives beautiful personality, good memory and very much straight forward in thoughts and actions. The person will have a long life and even expert and famous Astrologer  -Mercury retrograde

2 Mercury placed in this house make the person healthy, wealthy and prosperous kind-hearted throughout life. Direct gains through writings work, administration foreseen. In the case of Malefic placement of Mercury will result from hurdles in education and depression.   -Mercury retrograde

3 Good placement of Mercury result siblings, short journeys, avid reader, a very famous personality in society and professional front. This house deals with the taste of reading and literature.  If Malefic, then it could result in mental stress and trouble in arms.   -Mercury retrograde

4 Natives enjoy company and support of the elderly in family or even superiors in professional front. Direct gains from property and education in case of well-placed Mercury. A person can be a famous author or even a scientist. Malefic Mercury results in domestic trouble and losses from partnership ventures.   -Mercury retrograde

5 A person can be a good advisor, very much matured, balanced, good decision maker, happy and very courageous personality. More than one affair is foreseen in case of the opposite sex.  Wealth is only through hard work. Malefic Mercury results in scandals, mental breakdowns and even create health serious health issues leading to paralysis

6 Mercury placed in this house is generally not considered auspicious unless and until it aspect any positive plant in any Horoscope. A person is very straight forward in speech or harsh words expected and disturbing nature. But the person is good at dealing with numbers or math or accounts. Malefic or Retrograde directly impacts or activates enemies which is not a good sign.   -Mercury retrograde

7 House represents marriage and partnership, thus the placement of Mercury in this house makes one horoscope most favourable for the spouse as beautiful, intelligent and very diplomatic and well behaved. Gains through partnership and business indicated.  Native enjoys the company of wealthy women. Malefic placed Mercury results in broken Marriage, strain relations and even legal troubles.   -Mercury retrograde

8 The person will be lucky and long-lived if Mercury well placed in this house. Same way native will be a famous personality in society and a supporter of the family. A person can be a great Astrologer and guru of occult science. Malefic Mercury could result in trouble with the opposite sex and trouble related to financial matters.
9 House of religious and spiritual activities, the native will be well learned, wealth, religious-minded personality and will enjoy the taste of foreign lands as well as higher education. Much success is awaited in travel, writing and legal matters. Malefic Mercury results, worries, unproductive and unprofitable journeys and doubtful nature.   -Mercury retrograde

10 This is the house of your Karma, work, career, where Mercury placed results naturally oriented and passionate personalities in their work areas of life. The native will be liberal, famous and blessed with luxurious items in life. But malefic Mercury results in foolish acts by the person and even losing dignity in society. Health fronts need attention, especially on eyesight.   -Mercury retrograde

11 When Mercury is placed in the house of gains, achievements, desires, aims then native enjoys a social status in society. A person is very ambitious, high moral and to whom everyone looks upon. Blessed with good teaching art, leads to luxury and pleasure life. Malefic Mercury results loss of wealth and person is not truthful.   -Mercury retrograde

12 This is not the house of Mercury and generally, it gives bad results leading to poor and much struggle in life. Native is always double-minded which blocks decisions making. A person is devoid of any education and faced defamation. If Mercury is placed well then the person is a very powerful personality and famous in the society,   –Mercury retrograde

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