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A Pisces weekly horoscope may take the form of a candlelit dinner with your friends, or a party at home in front of the television. You can just as easily use it to tell you how to maintain relationships with people you know, or to examine the internal conflicts of your mind. But for those with other concerns for their natal charts, this is the time to examine all the areas of the zodiac to see what is happening and what could happen in the future. Pisces horoscope weekly

A couple of months ago I was reviewing the birth charts and looking at the signs when I came across a pattern that became very clear. When I looked at the 11:12 chart I found that the Sun was in Aries. Yes, you read that right. The Sun was in Aries. To take the 12:12 chart, I discovered a lot of data that makes it much easier to understand. Pisces horoscope weekly

When the Sun goes from Aries to Pisces, it will bring us an astrological reality that is a little bit different than what we are used to. In Pisces, the Sun gets to relax and this will allow the energies to come through a little more, which can be stressful. The word “stressful” will only describe a small part of what is to come. With the Sun in Aries, this leads to stress and anxiety.

How do we deal with it, especially in the case of the Sun? We need to remember that the Sun is in Aries, and that is to use his sign. It is our sign. This means that he can take care of us, but the question is “do we want him to?” Pisces horoscope weekly

We don’t have to force him to because it will probably backfire on us, and he will resist. If we are in Pisces, we must relax and enjoy life. Who knows, there may be a new discovery or opportunity for us. We just might find the treasure or find a job that will make all the difference in our lives. Pisces horoscope weekly

For those of us in Aries, we can’t rely on the Sun on to change us. We have to come to terms with what we are and be who we are. If we do this then we will find that we are happier.

We have to consider our personality type and what we want out of life. In this case, we have to realize that the Sun is not who we want him to be. Pisces horoscope weekly

If we are aware of this, we can change and be happy with what we are and how we feel and move forward to finding a better way. However, this is a change that we can’t force. There may be consequences in the form of stress, anxiety, and in some cases pain. But by remembering the values of Aries and Pisces at the moment we can avoid these circumstances and come out stronger.  Pisces horoscope weekly


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