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Why Moon is Considered One of the Most Important Planet in Astrology?

The Moon was born to sage Atri and his wife Anusuya. There are sixteen types of art and Moon is believed to have conquered them all. Lord Brahma blessed Moon with the power to rule seeds, medicines and water. planet Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer

Moon married twenty seven daughters of King Daksha whom we know as constellation or nakshatras. Out of all daughters Rohini was the most beautiful and Moon lived only with her which resulted in anger in other twenty six wives of moon who are sisters to Rohini. Fed up of such behaviour King Daksha cursed Moon that it would turn black immediately.This is known as amavasya, the dark phase of moon when it is not visible in the sky.  planet Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer

The story not only explains Moon’s behaviour but also ours to some extent. The Moon, in astrology, represents Mind and Emotions. The Moon rules human emotions. Learning about the position of Moon allow to know a person’s feelings and characteristics. Astrology believes Moon sign shows the way how a person face different situations at different times. Moon sign is the sign where the Moon was traveling through at the time of our birth.

Moon is a calm and quiet planet which represents sensitivity, security, receptivity, inner contentment subconscious mind, growth in childhood. Moon shows relation with mother. Moon is gentle and nourishes life on earth. Moon is tender and represents love and beauty. Our mood, how we feel about things, about other people, how they get affected by us are all influenced by Moon.
A well placed Moon gives the strength of mind to the person for making firm decisions and positive vision towards the problem with the ability to confront the hurdles of life and believe to win over them. planet Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer

People with good moon mingle with others easily and smile is their biggest attraction. Moon has healing powers, a well placed moon makes a native capable of healing others, make other feel light and can bring them out of negativity and depression. They can be good counsellers.

Affilicted moon has its own negative traits. It can make native indecisive, double-minded, illogical and fragile. Badly placed moon brings in depression, negativity and poor mental state.

The Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer, the fourth planet of zodiac sign which represents mother, comfort, luxuries, house and property. Moon gets exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. The gemstone associated with Moon is Pearl.




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