rahu kaal

Rahu kaal The Rahu is put in Leo’s sign in the 4th house and this will only happen in Taurus Ascendant people’s birth chart because their sign of Leo falls on the 4th house. First, you need to understand better 4th house to learn what Rahu can do in 4th house.

Yet one thing is certain the individual is obsessed with being in the limelight when Rahu is in Leo’s sign in his / her Vedic birth chart regardless of location in the room. Being in the limelight doesn’t always mean you want to be physically or digitally in the limelight by media like TV or the internet. It may also be that you want your company name to be in the limelight. Rahu Kaal

You may have a dream of owning a five starter hotel and providing food services. Five-star hotels are nothing more than a reflection of the Leo sign because five-star hotels are royal hotels and the Leo sign reflects that as well. Since you will be providing the hotel foodservice it will also be a 4th house representation.rahu kaal

That’s why many Taurus Ascendant people own five-star hotels and resorts with Rahu in the 4th house and sun, while Saturn in the 10th house in the Aquarius sign. Saturn in the Aquarius sign rises in the 10th house the company brand’s network. But nothing is proven unless other planets are believed to be put in the birth chart. Yet one thing is certain that Rahu in Leo’s sign is all about reputation, glory and world success in one way or the other. Rahu kaal

Leo is also a sign of having fun and having fun. Rahu in Leo’s sign in the 4th house could also mean providing services related to fun and entertainment (like marriage DJ services) particularly if the Sun (Lord of Leo) is placed in the 2nd house in Gemini’s label. This is because the 2nd house represents the imagination of Venus, and Gemini is a symbol of communication and ability.Rahu Kaal

That is why many in a marriage band are Taurus Ascendants in 4th house with Rahu. 4th house is also about expressing your feelings (as the moon rules by default) and emotions through your talent for singing, dancing, acting and so on. Leo is also a symbol of games because it’s a fun activity. Rahu Kaal

If you deal with the money in the game in some way then it becomes gambling. That is why many Taurus Ascendant people in the 4th house take to gambling with the Rahu in Leo’s hand. Even, in Leo’s sign, the relationship with the father may go bad as Rahu is natural malefic and amplifies the sign and its lord where it is put.rahu kaal

The relationship with the father goes bad when Sun gets intensified (as Sun reflects father in astrology) unless the Sun is also put in Leo’s sign along with Rahu. The house is always covered by any planet sitting in its own room. If the sign lord (where Rahu is put) is situated in the house next to the house or sign where Rahu is placed then it could produce a lot of living benefits.


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