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There’s certainly a Raj Yoga in everyone’s horoscope. Each man is a Rajyogi. There’s less Raja Yoga in some horoscope and more in others. It’s not enough to be content to think that there is a hidden yoga in our horoscope. First of all, you need to understand what the essence of Raja Yoga is and what the fruits are. raj yoga calculator

In earlier times the King used to be Maharaja, every person has a chance to stay in the court of the King. Those with more Raja Yoga used to be rulers, ministers or troops, servants of lesser rulers. The King used to be famous, but used to live with him or did a good job for him, he was also famous at his meeting, maybe he was named Raja Yoga? raj yoga calculator

In today’s age, there’s no king but there’s a government, so Raja Yoga also means government service. Apart from that, Raj Yoga gives an individual name, fame, a comfortable life, respect, etc. Don’t associate Raja Yoga with cash. There is no assurance that money will come or not in Raja Yoga, but the reputation and fame will come true. raj yoga calculator

Now see that you’re gaining attention in many ways — in the workplace, in the neighbourhood, in the family, and in the community — by coming to the media after doing some major work. When your name goes, your Raja Yoga will be determined. To understand this, let me give you an example: your Raja Yoga is there, but it’s getting worse in the horoscope, you’re only going to be able to make a name for yourself in the neighbourhood or locality.  And you’re going to be popular, just because of a good job. raj yoga calculator

With the best Raja Yoga, you can rule large group-big officials, administrators, leaders, executives, maybe presidents of the society, etc. Apart from this, other auspicious inauspicious yogas or doshas produced in the horoscope should also be thoroughly studied as defects such as Pitra Dosha, Manglik Dosha and Kaal Sarp Dosha developed in the horoscope may reduce the effect of Hans Yoga. Therefore, before deciding whether to render Hans Yoga in a horoscope and its auspicious effects, all the rules relating to the development and succession of this yoga should be properly studied. raj yoga calculator

Hans Yoga, which is made in the first house of the horoscope, can deliver the auspicious results of his company, income, properties, reputation and spirituality.

Hans yoga, which is established in the fourth house of the horoscope, can lead a person to hold a position of prominence and supremacy in any religious or spiritual organization, and that person can also develop very spiritually. raj yoga calculator

Hans Yoga of the Seventh House may provide a religious and loyal wife to the person, and such an individual may have national or international fame due to his religious or spiritual achievements. raj yoga calculator

The tenth house Hans Yoga will offer very good results to the native in his field of business, and the people who come under the influence of this yoga will reach new heights in their professional fields and set new records.

If you see Raja Yoga in this way, you can understand how much mystery there is in your life. raj yoga calculator

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