sade sati

sade sati  It takes Saturn (Shani) about 30 years to complete one zodiac revolution. It has remained in every sign for about 2.5 years. Saturn is considered a planet that brings misery and challenges when it is in an inauspicious place for people. The Sadesati is a 7.5-year period during which Saturn becomes extremely malignant, causing an extraordinary amount of problems in the life of an individual. sade sati

  • The Sadesati starts when Saturn enters the 12th Rashi (sign) from the Moon Sign of the person’s birth and ends when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the Moon Sign of the person’s birth. Crossing those three signs takes about 7.5 years; hence the name sade sati
  • Sooner or later, everybody goes through Sadesati, it’s at least two or three times for most men. It’s said you will have little peace while sade sati lasts.
  • But do not assume that your life will be ruined simply because you are running sade sati  That’s not exactly the case. Most people continue to be successful even while at sade sati

It depends on your chart’s overall auspiciousness, on positioning other planets and on your own efforts. You can also execute remedies to lessen Shani sade sati inauspicious effect.

During this time Saturn is transiting through the 12th sign or signing before your Rashi Birth. This is the beginning of the daunting 7.5 years.

This can be a challenging time for the whole family. You will be under pressure and might be worried about your future because of unforeseen issues.sade sati

You’ll know you’re watching out for trouble and you’re going to get into trouble even though you’re making a serious effort to avoid it. There may be some issues for the elders in your family too. The issues can be in the form of health conditions or financial difficulties.sade sati

You may need to make sudden trips and embark on unplanned trips. That will be part of your attempt to deal with the problems Saturn produces for you during this period. You may also run into unforeseen expenses, and it may pinch the money supply. sade sati

  • As this is the Sadesati’s launch, you can’t afford to lose courage now. If at this time you are discouraged everything will be lost. Remember this about Saturn, any crisis it sends your way is a chance wrapped up within a lot of trouble. Saturn loves challenge-lovers. Play against the tide and you’re going to get to ashore. Do not leave any stone unturned for your problems to beat. Their efforts are going to be your salvation.
  • Step 2 (In Moon sign) During this time Saturn travels through the Moon sign you were born into. That is also known as Janma-Shani. That is considered to be Sadesati’s most challenging process. Survive this and you have conquered the worst that Saturn will throw at you. sade sati
  • You can feel intense pressure during this time. You may feel caged, or repressed, and only grievous to break free and escape. A technical front will be having problems. Maybe even a change of career! There will be fresh problems to face in the domestic front too. Your family relationships will take a beating, and you will work overtime to preserve the cordiality and affection you have always shared. Pay special attention to your family mom and elderly women. sade sati 

On the psychological and emotional front, you may feel as if you are in a daze. The thinking is going to be hazy and you’re going to have difficulty making decisions. Don’t get over this. You can feel fear for no apparent reason, either. Try to be as straightforward in your reasoning as you can be, and take any step after you think through it.sade sati

During those 2,5 years, logic and rationality will be your power. Don’t let them get away with your side. You can beat this time with strong resolve and sustained effort just like you beat the last one.sade sati

Next Sign To Moon This is Sadesati’s last part and Saturn is almost out of ammunition. You might feel a little bitter by now. Five years of constant struggles can do that to a human being. It’s time to be nostalgic and think of all the great things in your life, and think of all the good people in your life. Don’t let your conscience and dignity die.

During this time, your enemies may be a little busier so don’t be reckless. Try not to give others a chance to do you harm. Work with your bosses and the administration to maintain a cordial relationship. Tell that you still have the old charm and passion and are able to make things happen. sade sati 

You may feel a bit of financial pressure right now, but nothing you’ve failed to deal with in the 5 years before. Keep a check on your expenses and seek to build some savings for unexpected spending.

This is the last step of the sade sati  and when Saturn leaves the sade sati  it is said that rewards follow for the worthy. Many of your investments and efforts that have not been successful while the Sadesati has been going on can all bear fruit in a sudden heap when the Sadesati finishes.

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