saturn in 7th house

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saturn in 7th house will demonstrate that work culture will include interacting with common masses / working-class people etc. Or in daily working life, the native is interested in lawsuits (native can be a lawyer).

Saturn controls the steel and iron industries. So this placement can denote an industry man working in an integrated steel plant or in the construction industry.

Saturn in 7th house is a popular arth trikona, with Saturn in it, financial stability late in life is given. (But other factors are also to be considered for financial prosperity)

Saturn from here aspects 12th house and so is not much good for bed comforts (sleep etc.). Saturn’s aspect to 8th house is good for longevity, but beacuse is its 3rd aspect so in the initial phase of its mahadasha or antardasha it will offer sudden health setbacks. saturn in 7th house

Saturn is the slowest planet of all the navagrahas (9 planets in Vedic Astrology). It takes the longest – 2.5 years to complete each zodiac sign. Its nature is to slow down the results of whichever houses it impacts. It kind of suppresses the outcome of that house.

In Astrology, there are 3 malefic (trik) houses – 6th, 8th and 12th. saturn in 7th house

What is 6th house? It’s diseases, debt and enemies. By being placed in the 6th house, Saturn suppresses all these malefic things. As a result, you get good health, your debt reduces and enemies are less/weak. saturn in 7th house

8th house is known as the house of death. It’s the house of sudden ups and downs. From the 6th house, Saturn has it’s 3rd aspect on the 8th house. It protects you from sudden death. Ultimately, your life span increases. saturn in 7th house

Saturn’s 7th aspect is on the 12th house of expenditure. Consequently, you get more control over your expenses.

A powerful placed in the 6th house can tackle all the trik houses by itself.

Saturn is karma karaka. In astrology both Saturn and Ketu stores all your karmas or deeds. The sixth house is the house of diseases, debt and enemies. Saturn in 7th house

Saturn is a natural malefic planet and his position in the sixth house makes one service-oriented. The person has to work under somebody throughout his life. This position makes you work hard until the age of 32. 

The negative impact of this placement can be reduced to a large extent by serving and helping elderly people.

However, this position is good for health and victory over enemies.


Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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