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Saturn is in the 2nd house its conduct is strongly connected with the relations it creates with other planets, as well as with the sign it resides in. While considered a rather limiting planet, he appears to show his positive traits when putting in Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius.

The same happens when it shapes planets with positive natal aspects; A helpful Jupiter or Venus could even transform him into a beneficent. The whole picture is more than complicated to comprehend, however.

  • Saturn in the 2nd house gives a person born to a poor family, or who has learned how to survive on minimal resources quickly and easily.
  • It produces a survivor, one starting from zero on his assets. Saturn is a slow-moving, limiting planet that loves hard work, a serious approach, and slow steps.
  • When it’s located in the finance house, the person will spend a lot of time and money building his income and setting up his safety net.
  • The native needs to heal the traumas of his financial difficulties, so he shows extreme seriousness in the second house issues that are a very important area of his life.
  • This aspect can create workaholics, while in certain situations when Saturn is highly expected, even millionaires.
  • Success, in any event, comes slowly and usually late in life. Nevertheless, there is no turning back when it comes;
  • Saturn is the most stable planet, and also the old age protector. This placement means old years very rich.

For Saturn in the 2nd room, the owner of the natal chart won’t play or face wealth losses otherwise. The gloomy character of the planet may cause the natives to forget to enjoy the money he earns and put too much aside for a rainy day. It can produce a very stingy person in extreme situations, which is not at all apparent to himself several times.

Saturn can also carry melancholic feelings and disappointment on material matters, even if things don’t go so poorly. For example, if “malefic” aspires Saturn negatively, the case will be much harder. Most of the problems will be internal as the native will not be able to properly evaluate wealth.

He can work too hard or too long, and only receive some medium-level income, feeling depressed not to achieve his empire-building goals. His pessimism is going to evolve into a bigger problem than a lack of money. People in the 2nd house with Saturn are encouraged to treat themselves well and enjoy the little things in life.

If you have this placement of Saturn, you will realize that it is wrong to over-emphasize one planet and allow it to take control of your life, even though you need to comply with it and work hard. By empowering some radically opposite planets in your charts, such as Venus or Jupiter, you will give your everyday moments a lot more joy, and ultimately get even more pleasure while building your financial security.

Search which house of pleasure is prominent in your birth chart, and don’t be afraid to indulge in the activities they rule.

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