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Saturn transit 2020 Having Saturn in one’s home is a rather difficult birth location. Traditionally, the 4th house is dominated by Cancer and the Sun, and the cold influence of Saturn adversely affects all the emotional areas of one’s home, family, and childhood.

Even if Saturn is well-appeared, it will still bring coldness to the family affairs of the local, even if his parents do not treat him in a bad way, they may be very frail, traditional, and become a burden because he has to take care of them. Normally, Saturn carries an unhappy childhood to the 4th space. Saturn transit 2020

As the fourth house governs the mother of the resident, it is often distant and cold.

This placement gives the possibility of an old mother of a rather melancholic character, whose culture and approach to life is rather serious. Saturn transit 2020

The native, while a boy, does not receive tenderness and feels unloved. Saturn transit 2020

If Mars or Pluto are present with difficult aspects of Saturn’s conception, or inside the fourth stellium room, the native may even have suffered abuse from his mother or both parents.

In any case, the native’s emotional needs have not been met, rendering his home environment a rather oppressive position in his view. Saturn transit 2020

When Saturn is well-organized in the 4th room, the parents of the infant can be involved in a lot of activities, sometimes absent from the child’s life. An elderly person, perhaps a grandma or a grandpa, can be the one who raises a child and offers a lot less affection than the young native needs in order to blossom. Saturn transit 2020

In some cases, this placement can give rise to orphans who are held under the care of an elderly parent. In other cases, the family may be struggling financially, bringing home a generally stressful and unhappy environment.

The native has a hard time expressing his own affection for his kin; the family may be rather traditional and frowning on the expressions of love, happiness, and joy. Normally, there can be a trend passing across generations-the grandparents and grandparents were also strict and unloving to their own children. The resident of Saturn in the 4th house should be very cautious not to perpetuate this trend towards his own offspring. During the return of Saturn, which takes place around the 28th-30th year of the native, he may be trapped for a year or two to take care of the elderly in his family. Saturn transit 2020

This may be a very difficult time, as the older person may have serious health problems, and it certainly affects the life of the resident. The era seems like it’s in prison because there’s not a lot of time left for relaxation and it can bring a lot of sadness. If you have such a placement, you are strongly advised to bear this burden of taking care of the elderly because it is a karmic debt. If you don’t do that, then your second return to Saturn in your 58-60 years will be rather harsh; it might even mean a prolonged period of a difficult age for you.

Difficulties concerning the condition of the native family also persuade him not to create a family of his own.

Family can be regarded as something overly restrictive, and at least the person would definitely consider avoiding this way of life. Keep in mind that this dimension and the outcome it brings are sometimes even the product of the subjective view of the native person on issues. His own perception influences the way he sees his family, and even if his family loves him, he feels the opposite. There may be a propensity to isolation, and as a child, he feels like his parents don’t understand him. Saturn transit 2020

This can be triggered several times by a major difference in age between him and his mother. Parents might try to show him their love in an old-fashioned way, while the native observes how other parents treat their children and considers that such a kind of affection is lacking. In addition, Saturn in the 4th house will cause delays and disappointments in everything related to the property. In the case that the native receives the property as an inheritance, he may have trouble getting it and using it, while this building may also be very old and need to be restored, making its use unclear.

Often, selling a property can be problematic; there may be little interest from the buyers, or the state of the buildings will be something that repulses them. On the other hand, if Saturn is very positively represented by Venus or/and Jupiter, it can bring a very important old building as a heritage. There is still a risk that it will be unstable, but at least it can be of historical or even financial interest. Saturn transit 2020

Every planet has a different effect on you, depending on the house and sign in which it lives. You can use our free birth chart generator to find out where they are placed in your birth chart. Sometimes, look at the ways they are interacting with other planets in your map. You’ll understand a lot more about the comprehensive role they have in your horoscope.

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