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Shani-dev Ashtama Shani when Saturn transits from the Natal Moon Sign or Rashi to the 8th house. During this time Saturn and Moon.

What Kantaka Shani

  • Means is that Saturn behaves like a thorn in the leg and that the person has to limp in all life activities.
  • Career/profession is hampered and finances are dwindling.
  • The 4th, 7th and 10th signs of Saturn’s transit from either Lagna, Arudha Lagna or the Moon sign cause Kantaka Sani to run.
  • So we must learn what Transit is before exploring any further, the planets are always going.
  • Never stop Time. So the actual or true position of a planet in relation to Your Horoscope’s Natal Position or Location is known as the Planet’s transit.
  • In the Horoscope the planetary combination is registered during your birth.
  • It reflects or demonstrates your Life events. But the timing of events is contingent on planet Dasha and Transit.

How much Saturn’s transit is significant for Saturn stays in a sign for the longest period of approximately 2.5 years among the planets.

So Saturn transit is very critical and Shani is capable of delivering good as well as bad results. shani-dev

Let me share a story from Ramayana that will give you an idea of Saturn’s transit force. Once King Ravana managed to get power over all the nine planets, he set them up to face down on the nine steps that led to his throne. He would walk on their back each morning to ascend his throne, mocking them and anguishing them. One day sage Narada came to Ravana, and when he saw the state of the nine planets, he asked Shani how he could bear this insult as the most important and awful of the planets? Shani responded that he was powerless because he was lying face down, but if he could turn his eyes on Ravana it would change matters. After showing Narada around Ravana’s magnificent palace the proud king wanted his opinion. The wise sage responded that, except for one, everything at Ravana’s palace was excellent. How can Ravana enjoy subduing the nine planets when they lied face downwards? He was wondering. It was better if they were lying upward with their faces so that he could have the pleasure of seeing the discomfort on their faces as Ravana stepped over their chests. This idea attracted the mighty king, and he immediately ordered his workers to turn the nine planets on their backs around. Shani’s eyes fell upon Ravana as soon as that was done and his reason left him. shani-dev

Within a few months, he kidnapped Lord Rama’s wife Sita, which led to the invasion of his kingdom by Lord Rama. Ravana and his whole family were killed. So even Ravana, a mighty king and Shiva’s worshiper lost his mind after only one Shani gaze.

How to judge from Sun

Ascendant and Arudha Lagna the outcome of Ashtama Sani and Kantaka Sani Transit should be judged. Checking transit from Moon alone is a general practice, but we need to see it from all three for accurate results.

Lagna is Our Smart. So when there’s a bad transit from Lagna like Kantaka Shani we take the wrong decision and suffer because of it.
Arudha Lagna is the way we are perceived by others. So when bad transit happens like asthma Shani it has more impact on finance or career.

Moon is our Soul. The person is suffering physically and emotionally when this happens from the Moon.
We also have to see transiting House Ashtakvarga points. shani-dev

Result of Ashtama Shani and Kantaka Shani

Because from the 4th house it will look like the Lagna or the Moon when Sani transit to your 4th house it could create a health problem. 4th The healing house, and Saturn the Karaka for the delay. So it can cause a delay in curing any chronic disease. 4th is the mother’s house and so are the emotions. So it can build mom issue and mental illness in effect.

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