Shukra Venus Planet in Different Houses

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  1.  Shukra Venus Planet Natives are passionate and ambitious. They are rich and born in wealthy family. They are good looking and will spend more on luxury items. The person depends more upon destiny. Badly placed Venus can result loss of money and family
  2.  This house signifies speech, wealth, family and eating habits. The native will be famous celebrity as Singer or poet with sweet voice and will have lots of lady attractions towards them. Badly placed Venus can result delay in birth of child after marriage
  3.  The person would be creative and great writer by passion. The interest would result huge revenue generation. Spouse will be very supportive and it should be always respected.
  4. Fourth house deals with mother, happiness, emotions, vehicles and land in native’s life. A benefic placed Venus will result luxury vehicles, a big family or home with happiness. Malefic Venus could result problems to mother and obstacles in life. Shukra Venus Planet
    5 The house deals with intelligent   abilities, children, devotions and past deeds. The person is ambitious and have passionate mind set with great creativity in nature. Malefic placed Venus can result downfall of natives due to its siblings
    6 Sixth house denotes enemies, service, diseases, debt competition and many more. Natives will have good professional life and business and even less enemies. They can face problem only when they intervene unnecessarily in others matters.
    7 Native lives for relationships, extremely attractive, charming and others are attracted specifically opposite .  Partnerships is the keyword for you and you believe in long term relationships. All round progress is after marriage.
    8 The success of native will completely depends upon his wife. His wife will be responsible for his health, wealth and prosperity. Clear gains from parental property is indicated. Avoid being harsh and diplomatic which could lead to downfall.  Shukra Venus Planet in Different Houses Shukra Venus Planet
    9 Native will be beneficiary of Good luck.  Strong family support is indicated by means of father or wife for financial prosperity and fame in the society. Problems related to travelling are foreseen.
    10 Presence of Venus in this house will bring all luck and fame on business and professional fronts. All materialistic comforts of life will be enjoyed. Natives competitors can create problems in case of weakly placed Venus
    11 Person will be clearly benefitted in terms of financial and prosperity gains. Business trips will be really fruitful. Benefits from the social areas are indicated. Malefic placed Venus can bring problems related to children and expenditure.  Shukra Venus Planet in Different Houses
    12 The presence of Venus in this house would results very balanced expenses. Native will have to spend much time away from the family. Person can be powerful politician.
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