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sun nxt transit in astrology  An easy way to understand this partnership is Sun produces rays and Rahu cloud disturbs it so overall it means Sun appearance will be disturbed by Rahu’s cloud and appearance will be employ by the Rahu.

Rahu intensify the assurance of planet it is connected with, it moves like the planet with duplicity and fakes the condition of the same planet, so it is not easy to recognize the real desire. With Sun, it will move like a Sun means two Suns in one house so the conclusion will be as per the monarch of Sun whether it’s despiteful or benefit for the horoscope, Rahu will simplify it. There is something dark and attractive in the cultural life of these natives. sun nxt transit in astrology

Rahu and Sun are utmost enemies. This partnership will create conflict, complication, and distraction in the behaviour of the native. Sun represents the rule, ego, self-confidence, father and king in Vedic astrology. sun nxt transit in astrology

Rahu is complex, over obsessive, selfish, manipulative in nature. Rahu gives eclipse to the Sun and this build destructive native-father relationship. They may not be at good understanding or father may be absent from native’s life directly or indirectly. Often the father has some type of socially improper behaviour. sun nxt transit in astrology

These natives are self-obsessed, self-centred, will show the false power, false confidence, talk very high with the scare, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem, but they really don’t look like that because of Rahu. This partnership has both good and bad things.sun nxt transit in astrology

It makes the natal good politician, an immense entrepreneur, better artist etc. Relation with father deteriorate. After the age of 35 years, natal feels the real moral within him, as Rahu releases sun from its eclipse.sun nxt transit in astrology

When Rahu Sun is with each other in a horoscope, a person becomes greedy for power, doesn’t stumble to harm power, the authority to reach an eventual goal. Gives a disaffected attitude towards others especially with Govt, authority in the workplace and of course father.

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