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vasthu tips for home  According to Vastu astrology, happiness, peace and prosperity come when the Vastu of the house is cured. On the other hand, if the Vastu of a house is not right, then the members living in that house have to face many problems. Diseases, loss of money and negative energy are maintained when there is a Vastu Dosh in the house. If the Vastu of your house is good or not, if some things are considered, it can be easily understood and overcome. vasthu tips for home

Due to Vaastu defects, a person is troubled by constant debts. Diseases do not easily follow. Debates escalate. Differences between family members persist. No work is easily done. According to Vastu, all these troubles come due to Vastu defects in the house. In such a situation, you can overcome these problems by making some changes in the house.
Do not forget such things in the bedroom, discord and troubles increase
Always keep this thing in mind whenever you get your new house built or when buying a new plate, you should definitely worship Vastu Deity. vasthu tips for home

Do not forget to mark the swastika on the main entrance of the house. There is a lot of positive energy in the swan and swastika, so negative energy cannot enter the house from the main door of the house. vasthu tips for home

– Even by putting a horseshoe on the main door of the house, negative energy does not enter the house. vasthu tips for home

– Make sure to plant a basil plant at home and light a lamp of ghee in the morning and evening.

– By using and playing conch in puja, positive energy resides at home.

– The picture of the ancestors should be placed on the south-facing wall. It is considered inauspicious to place photographs of ancestors in the temple. vasthu tips for home

– There is a lot of positive energy in the north-east angle of the house, so do not forget to keep any kind of garbage or heavy bumps in this angle.

The storeroom built in the right place opens the door to your promotion

Measures to remove Vastu defects vasthu tips for home

– The Brahmo place of the house should always remain free, it maintains happiness and peace at home. vasthu tips for home

– If you are troubled by debt then there may be a defect in your house’s aerial angle (north-west direction). Follow the rules of Vastu to overcome it.

– Due to the lack of health of a family member continuously, there may be defects in the northeast corner of the house. vasthu tips for home

– The main reason for constantly facing economic problems may be the opening of the main gate in the south or west direction. Eliminating it reduces financial troubles.

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