What are the effects of Mars and Saturn in the 8th house?

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The 8th house is the house of immediate happenings and accidental events in life, it also shows complete changes in life and grips many problems in its heart. It is the most puzzling house in the complete zodiac and the people who have a very strong and effective 8th house will always have a very significant and active life filled with adversity and fun both good and bad things. They can never advantage an entertainment, boring life. Such people get to detect many colors in life rather than living a boring and dull life. Saturn being the karaka of the 8th house and durability can be very good for a long life but it is one of the bad positions to have for Saturn in the horoscope. It will form the 10th, 2nd and 5th house from 8th house putting off childbirth, giving deficient speech habits or wrong communication skills and sufferings in the career. Its facet on the 10th means one required to put extra achievements in their work area. Some people might be karma adapt than spirituality adjusted with Saturn in 8th, Responsibilities come first to such people and life can be boring for them sometimes. This Saturn is great for durability. Mars in 8th is said to initiate mangal dosha. Mars is adverse for the durability of married life in the case of girls provided it is fixed in krur nakshatra and under heavy condition. Only Mars in the 8th is very good for acquiring and getting advantage of landed properties. Mars is the karaka of energy and it creates excess intercourse fondness being placed in the 8th house. Such Mars can cause unusual death or injuries through burns, accidents if severely impaired.

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