What is Kalsarpa Dosha, a reality or a hoax?

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  1. It spoils the beneficent planets connexion with Rahu and Ketu.
  2. Its impact is going to be clearly detected in periods and interperiods of Rahu and Ketu.
  3. Its impact is a lot of severe once Rahu/Ketu area unit in one,5 or ninth position from themselves or Sun, Mars and Saturn.
  4. typically it pushes a person to nice heights.- typically it offers beneficent results, once Rahu/Ketu area unit aspected by beneficent planets, especially Jupiter or Venus.
  5. Ketu is often a hundred and eighty degrees from the great circle of Rahu just in case Uranus, Neptune or Pluto area unit outside the arch of Rahu and Ketu, no Kal-Sarp Yoga is made. Kalsarpa Dosha
  6. Ketu’s side is a smaller amount maleficent than Rahu
  7. Raja Yogas within the chart area unit more practical than Kal-Sarp Yoga
  8. This Yoga causes nice hurt to the family, society and nation through the one who has Kal-Sarp Yoga
  9. This Yoga plays a necessary role in Mundane star divination
  10. Rahu connexion ninth Mars in any chart produce criminals or suicide or serious accident or murder Kalsarpa Dosha
  11. Rahu and Saturn connexion in any house destroy the seventh house, the house opposite them Kalsarpa Dosha
  12. Rahu in transit making relations with Jupiter or Venus offers beneficent results
  13. Ketu moving over any planet is evil for the significations of the involved house
  14. Rahu and Ketu usually behave like lord of the sign occupied by them or the earth conjunction with them. Kalsarpa Dosha
  15. If Ascendant is outside the arch of Kal-Sarp Yoga, the maleficent impact is reduced.
  16. The dispositors of Rahu and Ketu conjointly play a necessary role in determinative the beneficent or maleficent impact. Kalsarpa Dosha
  17. Rahu in the third or sixth house in Aries, Taurus or Cancer sign doesn’t offer maleficent results. Kalsarpa Dosha
  18. Rahu in the tenth house or aspecting tenth house and its lord alongside Sun and Saturn destroy the native’s career.Kalsarpa Dosha
  19. just in case of seventh house separation and divorce is attainable
  20. Rahu and Mars in the third house cause accident and damages to life.
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