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mars planet  is called The Roman God Of War, as the name suggests it’s the warrior in nature and the furious planet of our solar system. The color of this planet is Red which represents energy and creation. Mars signifies power, both constructive and destructive depending upon its position in natives birth chart.mars planet

In Vedic astrology mars planet has its significant and vital role in the lives of a person. Mars represents anger, aggression, confidence, boldness, courage, short temperedness, quick decision making, and fast working. Beneficial Mars in horoscope always offers excellent qualities like endurance, self-confidence, strength, excellent organizing ability, independent spirit, and strong determination power.mars planet

mars planet in a good position in the native’s chart makes him a policeman, commander, generals, military man, and soldiers. All authoritative jobs come under the constituency of Mars. A career in a technical field, engineering, chemical, electronics, and construction are favorable

mars planetplays an essential role in marriage. Manglik yoga is considered while matching the horoscopes. If both the partner are Manglik than the ill-effect of this dosha can be nullified

Poorly placed mars or if the mars are debilitated then native may be involved in uncultured activities. It can lead to restlessness and recklessness. Blood problems and Kidney problems can arise due to the ill positioning of mars. It would help if you were careful about your arteries and veins in bad mars planet

Gemstone related to mars planet planet is red. Many remedies are there for coping with the adverse effects of Mars. When there is a problem, there has to be a solution through astrology. Wearing a gemstone under the guidance of highly qualified astrologer is one of the ways to get rid of ill effects of Mars and also other planets in one’s Birth chart.mars planet

mars planet in Astrology

mars in Astrology

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