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Saturn in 11th house 

Beneficial retrograde Saturn in the house of a horoscope in the sign of Gemini can grant the native with good conclusions related to marriage, profession, honour, authority and many other types of good conclusions depending on the global strength of his horoscope. Such beneficial retrograde Saturn can lead to good conclusions to some natives through their marriages, when this beneficial retrograde planet is united by marriage appreciate planets in their horoscopes. Beneficial retrograde Saturn in 11th house in the sign of Gemini can grant some natives with life partners who may influence posts of authority in government or private organizations and these natives may benefit. For eg, if beneficial retrograde Saturn is fixed in the 9th house of a horoscope in the sign of Gemini forward with beneficial Mercury, beneficial Venus is fixed in the 10th house of this horoscope in the sign of Cancer and beneficial Mars is fixed in the 3rd house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius, the native may receive this benefit.

The native divine by beneficial retrograde Saturn in the 9th house in the sign of Gemini. When prompt in the company of profession building planets in the horoscopes of the natives changed by it, beneficial retrograde Saturn in the 9th house in the sign of Gemini can grant these natives with success, honour, and authority through a bunch of professions. Such beneficial retrograde Saturn can form some natives close to the field of education expected to which these natives may employ in professions associated to this field and they may accomplish success as education officers, teachers, mentor; and other professionals trade in the field of education. Saturn in 11th house

The native adored by beneficial retrograde Saturn in 11th house and other beneficial planets may finish his higher studies in a subject of academic education. The linked effect of such beneficial retrograde Saturn and other beneficial planets can grant this native with a good settle job and he may acquire a good amount of money and acknowledgement as a teacher. Saturn in 11th house

Saturn in 11th house  In an ultimate case of this type when supported by other harmful planets of a specific type, harmful retrograde Saturn in 11th house of a horoscope in the sign of Gemini can make the native lock down his business more than once in his life, accordingly serious financial losses or other types of difficulty.

Saturn In 11th House

To a brand new aware energy of itself Saturn is INITIATED about every 700 years! – Saturn will conjunct Pluto – out of Apr of 2019 through Feb of 2020 Saturn will in a mix with the planet PLUTO. A victim could be felt by you, but you will also be given the opportunity into concede values and paradigms which Pluto will tackle to destroy. Saturn in 11th house

It is used by daniel Giamario into his Astrology with his edge insight. You can go HERE to understand more about Daniel. FATHER SATURN) from a patriarchal HE into a gentler more EARTH CENTERED version- it’ll not be approximately HIS Story dominated and advised by the conquerors of old.

Instead it’ll be on the relationship we’ve to Mother Earth herself AND the Great Mystery, to the cosmos into the connection of Mother Gaia itself dominated world, through this EARTH. We are leaving the old Greek\/Roman image of Saturn as a patriarchal ruler in a new FATHER FIGURE of maturity, and intellect keeper, into one who gives relaxation and brings safety not through fear and repression, but rather throughout the intellect of the heart and the instinctive knowledge of what is ideal for the new civilization we are born on earth during these times. We’re moving from the flickering, but inspiring Fire Sign of Sagittarius into a NEW Capricorn into a stable, practical Earth sign.  Saturn in 11th house

But we must leave behind the masculine dominated the planet sign of hierarchy and patriarchy. We’re moving from a strictly masculine sign into a more synthetic FEMALE SATIN and her benevolent masculine counterpart. Capricorn as a civilization bearer must now rebuild old structures which may house the needs along with values of many peoples over several years to come. As an EARTH sign which represents entire cultures, it’s shifting towards a connection with EARTH which will carry us into a brand new operating manual and a brand new set of rules for how to live on Earth, Mother Gaia. Saturn in 11th house

We’re towards the end of an older age along with the beginning of another along with as such we’re into an into between place, a liminal area of unknown outcomes. Therefore, yes, it’s a bit frightening out there and inside all of us too. We, every one of us, must make this change with our mind and heart intent. We’re awakening! – you’re not only if you feel fear along with daily unsettled feelings. Truly, it might not seem as if Saturn is now softening, particularly with all the political and environmental tragedies which are occurring – but it’s so. Saturn in 11th house

We can’t go back. Saturn will pull us towards a society where longevity and intellect and the practical needs to lead a daily life at a level of prosperity which all can share into will become a value for a brand new time. A BIT OF U.S. HISTORY – The Iroquois Indians showed the United States how into set up its rule book: but we left something out whenever we used their model: we didn’t elect a council of Grandmothers, a council of clever women, to choose our leaders. Saturn in 11th house


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