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sun direct in 7th house Cancer effects build on which sign Sun is placed in the seventh house. Sun being a vicious planet which burns, is considered to burn the assurance of a house when is dignified or strong. Even if weak, the sun is known to hold marriage when placed in the seventh house, when secure it may lead to rejection or destruction of married life even. The Sun direct in the 7th house shows the need to flash through another person, and people with such a natal Sun are not addicted to loneliness.

The person whose sun is good in the horoscope, they lead a respectable life. Surya also considers government jobs, promotions, etc., but in twelve zodiac signs, Surya gives different results. The Sun is definitely the king of planets, but when studying the horoscope, it is also necessary to assess the position of other planets considering the Sun to be the dominant planet. sun direct in 7th house

It is a very strong signal of marriage, even when the Sun has negative facet by“malefic”. The native feels entire only when linked with a compelling other, and feel great honor through their partner. Their self-respect is exactly connected to their partner and will choose one that has a glowing and energetic character. sun direct in 7th house

Most apparently, the native will be the less capable in the relationship; still, this does not seem a problem for them. What they are noticing for is certainly someone more dynamic than them, in order to feel supported. sun direct in 7th house

Their marriage partner will be of a prevalent but kind nature, regularly having the natal Sun in the first house; there are also generally of him being a Leo Ascendant or Sun sign, or differently, have strong Sun/Leo significance in his chart. sun direct in 7th house

The 7th house guidelines one’s open competitors, and with the Sun placed here the native will have good strategic skills. There are quite a lot probabilities of even twist in one’s open competitors to friends, and such people are a very good diplomat in business matters. sun direct in 7th house

In addition, this position can give some capable knowledge of direction; the native knows how to use other people but in such a way that it becomes a win-win direction for both. People do not commonly notice this capability, and will commonly not have an issue with it as it commonly handles their own concern too.sun direct in 7th house

In astrology, each planet has its own characteristics, characteristics and the functions under which the respective planets are considered in a person’s horoscope. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have their own characteristics of these nine planets. The success of the horoscope depends on the position of these planets, the association with the planets, high, low etc. sun direct in 7th house

Among the nine planets in astrology, the sun is named the king of the planets. Therefore, the Sun has been given the most importance. Honor, respect, fame, fame, fame, knowledge, age, health, eye disease, father, soul, body shape and Lakshmi are considered from the Sun.

If the sun is good in the horoscope … sun direct in 7th house

According to astrology, the Sun planets are the kings of all the nine planets. Sun is also called hot planet. Those who are in these auspicious effects in their horoscope, there is no job related problem in their life. Apart from this, the Sun planets also play an important role in getting the Jataka a government job. sun direct in 7th house

At the same time, people affected by the sun are usually of a slightly angry nature. Also, they do not tolerate any wrongdoing and respond immediately. Also, if a person is in the tenth house of his horoscope, he benefits from his ancestral property. The strong sun of the horoscope also benefits the native in government work. In this case, we know further what remedies have been given in astrology to strengthen the sun planet. sun direct in 7th house

Chanting Surya Mantra is said to be beneficial to make the sun strong. This mantra is ‘Un Hr Hriday Sas Surya Namah’. It is good to chant this mantra in 108 numbers. If it is not possible to chant this mantra in such a number, then you can do it in 11 or even 21 numbers. sun direct in 7th house

Apart from this, reciting the Adhyatrdaya Stotra at sunrise also makes the sun strong. “Om Surya Namah” This mantra is the easiest to make the sun strong. Chanting this mantra also strengthens the planet Sun. sun direct in 7th house

If the sun is giving a very inauspicious effect to the horoscope, then for this, mixing jaggery and copper coin in water should be done seven times with your head and pour it into a river. By doing this the effect of the inauspicious Sun is reduced. Also, keeping the fast of Sunday also makes the sun strong. sun direct in 7th house

Donating wheat in the temple also makes the Sun planet stronger. Manikya is considered to be the gem of the Sun in gemstones. It should be made and worn in copper. While buying or building a house, it should be kept in mind that its main entrance is towards the east.

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